About Us

We are a family run UK manufacturing business based in Lincoln with experience in developing and producing high-end quality products in the UK since 2015. We specialise in producing the highest quality EN Certified anti-bacterial hand sanitising gel with 70% alcohol. Our product kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses without leaving a sticky residue or unpleasant smell on the hands.

Our products offer a scalable solution to UK and international businesses by producing and stocking hand sanitiser in a variety of wholesale options, made to order hand sanitising stations, antibacterial disposable wipes, multi-surface cleaning solutions, disposable face masks and gloves.

We also specialise in white label solutions for businesses.  Partnering with us to produce your product gives you access to our experienced in-house team. The value of this being it saves you time, energy and money in terms of production and marketing costs.

Supporting the community and safeguarding the UK economy are the top priorities for the team at Stock PPE. Fully EN certified, our products are manufactured to the highest British standards, meaning you can focus on your business, knowing that your people are protected in the workplace.